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Health Plan Philippines, Inc (HPPI), a subsidiary of the Hive Health Group, has one of the most extensive networks of accredited hospitals, clinics, and doctors nationwide since 1986.

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# HMO-2023-04-R


HPPI will be a nationally recognized health delivery organization, acknowledged for its efficient service, ethics and rational practice of medicine.

HPPI is a founding member of Association of Health Maintenance Organizations of the Philippines, Inc. (AHMOPI).

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We believe that our true responsibility lies not only in achieving wellness of every individual member, but the entire client-organization as well. For the whole is indeed more than just the sum of its parts.We endeavor to do this by providing the best possible health maintenance agreements, pertinent clinic services, health-education and creative health delivery products complemented by applicable technologies.

We believe that the best way to serve the nation is to serve it equally well, in spite of the distance to be covered to do so. As such, we believe in developing our capability in the provincial and other marginalized areas of the archipelago to a degree equal to that of major cities.We will strive to provide our client organizations and individual members competent medical care based currently accepted standards of medical practice.

We believe that we ensure our ability to serve by being sustainable as an organization, relevant as an endeavor, and profitable as a business.

We believe in promoting a healthy working environment that will empower our employees and nurture personal as well as professional growth so that: All who work in HPPI would go about their duties with personal commitment and positive-regard to all, the challenges of the industry be approached with compassion, competence, tact and dignified firmness to promote the interests of all.

In 2023, Health Plans Philippines, Inc. (HPPI) joined the Hive Health Group of companies as its strategic HMO subsidiary. Learn more about the Hive Health Group here.