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Terms and Conditions

1. Definition

This website is being maintained on the World Wide Web by HPPI, Inc, a company duly existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines with primary place of business located at Unit 1410 Prestige Tower F. Ortigas Jr. Ave. (formerly Emerald Ave.), Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605

“Site” refers to

“User”, or collectively “Users”, refers to any party who access/accesses the site.

“Access” means viewing, obtaining information or otherwise confirming an order from the website.

“Agreement” refers to these terms of use and any subsequent modification.
2. Acceptance of Terms

By accessing the site via the World Wide Web or any other medium, the User accepts and agrees to all conditions imposed in this Agreement.

HPPI Inc. reserves the right to change and alter any of the terms and conditions listed below without prior notice. Any changes and modifications to these terms is effective immediately upon User’s receipt of notice from the Company. Notice can be given through e-mail, posting on the site or any other means by which the User may obtain notice. Users should periodically check these terms of use for changes. Any use of the site after changes have been made shall be deemed acceptance of those changed terms of use.

HPPI Inc. reserves the right to monitor use of the site. The Company has the exclusive right to control accessibility, hours of use, features on the site and any other information found on the site. The Company can restrict access to any or all portions of the site or remove any information or content from the site at any time.

User is solely responsible for providing the equipment related to accessing the site, including but not limited to all computer, remote communications equipment, telephone and the like.
3. About the Site

HPPI Inc. is a duly accreted HMO Provider located in the Philippines and it works with hospitals and other health providers to provide quality health security to all Filipinos.
4. General

A. The service being offered in the Website will result to either providing HPPI Inc. with the contact information of the end-user which will then be forwarded to one of its affiliated agents for price quotation and policy underwriting or the purchase of any of its products currently being offered online.

B. Any customer who purchases items from HPPI, or registers for an account on HPPI website. will be required to provide HPPI with certain personal information, this information shall include:
first and last name

  1. e-mail address
  2. mobile phone number and other contact details
  3. demographic profile (like your age, gender, occupation, education, among others)
  4. information about the pages on the site you visit/access
  5. the links you click on the site

C. the number of times you access a particular page/feature and any such information.
Users who submit such information will be entitled and subject to the privacy agreement explained in further detail within the terms and conditions. HPPI treats our privacy requirements with the upmost importance and vitality.
5. Prices

HPPI Inc. reserves the right to modify/ alter any items which are available for sale at any time without prior notice.
6. Payment

A. The total price for a customer’s order, which includes the total cost for all the items ordered, delivery charges, and other charges, will be provided to the customer upon placing the order. Customers agree to make full payment for any items dispatched by which they have ordered. This payment can be made either via cash or via the use of a credit payment transaction. In the event that a customer chooses to pay upon delivery, will pick up (and pay for) the items ordered, and pay for the ordered items, before delivery them to the agreed upon address. At this point, will collect the required amount of cash upon delivery. In the event that a customer chooses to pay via credit/debit card, will accept the payment through a payment facility before purchasing the selected items for the selected vendor(s) which will then be delivered to you.
7. Information and Privacy Policy

A. By using the HPPI website, or mobile application, users and customers agree to have authorized HPPI to use, store, and (in any other way) process the personal information received, This information will need to be kept and processed to be able to provide customers which their requested delivery service but also for marketing and credit control purposes.

B. Any customer is eligible to obtain a copy of the personal information which HPPI holds about them. A customer can contact HPPI if they wish to obtain this information.
8. Limitation of Liability

A. HPPI website is exempt from liability for delays, failures, errors, omissions, or losses in regards to transmitted information, viruses, or any other inconveniences/destructions which have been transmitted to a customer or user’s computer/mobile device due to the usage of the HPPI’s website or mobile application.

B. Any policies ordered through HPPI are intended for the sole use for local domestic and consumer use. Therefore, HPPI will not accept liability for any loss (this includes indirect loss, consequential loss, loss of data, loss of income/profit, loss of damage to property, and loss from claims of third parties).

C. HPPI will always strive the prove diligent in the prevention of internet fraud. HPPI will also secure any data which has been collected from a customer or user. However, HPPI is not able to be held liable in the event of a breach of security (this can relate to either computer servers or third parties).

D. In the event that HPPI has reasonable grounds upon which to believe that a customer is abusing the use of vouchers, discount codes, or is attempting to perform/has performed a transaction which involves fraud or attempted fraud, HPPI reserves to right to block or refuse any future service is said customer(s). HPPI reserves the right to seek compensation from any and all violators.

E. Any offers which are offered by HPPI are always subjected to the companies full discretion and any offers can be withdrawn at any time. HPPI is not required to provide any notice to customers.
9. Miscellaneous Provisions

A. The terms and conditions listed within this document, as well as any user agreements involving HPPI shall be governed by and acted upon in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

B. This user agreement between the customer and HPPI will be effective until the contract is terminated. This termination can be authorized by either the user/customer or HPPI Inc.. No notice shall be required.

C. Any termination of this user agreement will not pass on any liability to HPPI Inc. HPPI Inc. right to be indemnified pursuant of the terms hereof, shall survive any termination of this user agreement. However, any termination of this user agreement (regardless as to whom the terminator is) is not a cancellation of the customer’s obligation to pay for items which have already been ordered from the HPPI website or mobile application. It will also have no affect on any liability that may have come about under the user agreement prior to the date of termination.

D. HPPI Inc. has the right to subcontract any part(s) of the services provided to the customer. This sub-contraction can be made at any time, and will not require the consent of the customer. HPPI Inc. reserves the right to assign any part of the HPPI Website rights under these terms and conditions, no consent shall be required from the customer.

E. HPPI Inc. reserves the right to change or alter the terms and conditions which have been provided to any users/customers at any time. HPPI has no requirement to provide any user/customer to such changes.

F. Payment of any items/commodities ordered through HPPI website will be required either upon ordering (via credit/debit card) or at the time of delivery (via cash).

G. The initiation of any automated system or program in connection to the HPPI website or mobile application or the online ordering functionality is strictly forbidden.

H. The collection of personal information from HPPI, and this includes the use of communication systems which are provided by the website for commercial solicitation is strictly forbidden. In the event of a distribution or publication of vouchers or codes, or general solicitation for any reason to the users of HPPI website and the hacking/scrapping of HPPI website or mobile application is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with accordingly.

I. The terms and conditions, user agreement, privacy policy, any order form, and payment instructions are the agreement between the customer and . In the event that any conflict should occur, the terms and conditions shall prevail.

J. In the event that any term and condition of HPPI Inc. is deemed to be illegal or unenforceable, the relevant term and condition shall be deemed as “not written” and the remainder of the terms and conditions shall still remain in place.

K. There shall be no instance where a delay or failure on behalf of HPPI Inc. to enforce the rights or remedies written within these terms and conditions/ User agreement will constitute a waiver on HPPI Inc. part of such rights or remedies unless such a waiver is confirmed in writing.
10. Contact HPPI Inc.

A. Any customer or user with further comments, suggestions, questions, or feedback may send them to HPPI e-mail at:

B. HPPI Inc. takes the complaint process very seriously and aims to respond to all complaints within 5 business days. Any complaints or concerns pertaining to the HPPI website and apps, and this includes those in relation to breach the terms of use or other polices should be addressed to our e-mail address:

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